The NEXus application process consists of:

1. The completed Application (online form or the paper application)
2. Submission of Letter of Interest (Submit a letter of interest identifying the following:
– What your institution could bring to NEXus (online course exchange) to enhance its mission.
– What resources, including faculty, you have available at your institution to participate in NEXus.
– Your institution’s willingness to abide by the NEXus Guiding Principles, Bylaws and Policy and
Procedure Manual).
3. Review and completion of the New Membership Application Checklist and its items
4. Completed signed Memorandum of Agreement by your university.

There is no application fee.
Completed applications expect that the university has reviewed the following NEXus documents and items (available at

1) Guiding Principles
2) Bylaws (updated 100620)
3) Policies and Procedures Manual (updated 101019 and includes attachments)
4) NEXus tuition rates and annual membership fees

If you prefer the hard copy application, you may download the NEXus paper application packet here.
The packet includes steps to join, the application and FAQs.

Once all required materials are received and have been reviewed, the Executive Committee will determine if a membership invitation will be extended.
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