Faculty FAQs

Below is a list of frequently asked questions by faculty.

Who is a NEXus student?

A NEXus student is a doctoral student from one of the member institutions who has enrolled in course offered by your institution. NEXus is a collaboration among member institutions offering doctoral programs in Nursing. NEXus facilitates an exchange of elective or supportive courses and also provides opportunities for doctoral students to take courses from a variety of topics/cluster areas.

One of my students is interested in a NEXus course. What do I need to do?

Assist the student in selecting the course that best fits their academic plan then have the student contact your NEXus Campus Staff Coordinator who will assist the student with the registration and enrollment process.

How can I learn more about NEXus?

Speak to your NEXus Campus Faculty Coordinator, Campus Staff Coordinator, browse through winnexus.org, or watch our video on NEXus!

If there are concerns related to NEXus or a NEXus student, who do I contact?

Each member institution has identified representatives to work with NEXus, a Campus Faculty Coordinator and Campus Staff Coordinator. It is best to contact your Campus Faculty Coordinator to find out more about NEXus or discuss any concerns you may have. Click here for current contacts.

I have a NEXus student in my class, do I need to do anything differently for this student?

Yes. Integration of a NEXus student is very important. The student needs to feel welcome and brought into the group dynamic. Please download the following document which provides additional tips related to NEXus students. Faculty Teaching Tips.

Are application/registration and enrollment deadlines at member institutions the same?

NO. All institutions vary in their deadline dates and application/registration procedures. Students are advised to visit the winnexus.org for the latest deadline dates and procedures.

What is a HOME Institution?

The HOME institution is where the student is enrolled and will receive their doctoral degree from. Academic Affiliates and Academic Collaborators who have students who enroll in NEXus courses are considered HOME institutions.

What is a TEACHING Institution?

The TEACHING institution offers the online course through NEXus. All Academic Collaborators are both TEACHING and HOME Institutions.

What is a cluster?

Clusters are determined based on the academic strengths of NEXus Academic Collaborators and consist of a series of classes, all revolving around one central theme in Nursing.