The NEXus Common Price

A student enrolling in a course through NEXus will pay a NEXus Common Price per credit hour directly to the Teaching Institution. The NEXus Common Price is determined annually by NEXus member institutions. Currently membership is comprised of 16 schools and colleges of nursing. The NEXus Common Price is inclusive of tuition and related fees (except late fees). Students do not pay for application, registration, technology, and/or transcript request fees, etc. when enrolling through NEXus at a Teaching Institution. An analysis of all member institutions current tuition and fees is used to determine the price.

The value/advantage of NEXus and paying the common price include the following:

  • A student will have convenient access to nationwide online course exchange accessing over 300 different courses in an academic year. (w/o NEXus, students would be on their own to find a course)
  • There is a wide array (12 cluster areas) of high quality course offerings
  • Enrolling for and accessing courses is easy with the personal assistance from both the Home and Teaching Campus Staff Coordinator
  • A student will be learning from expert faculty
  • There are networking opportunities with peers and faculty; and the NEXus Common Price is inclusive of tuition and related fees (except late fees).

 2023-2024 and 2024-2025 NEXus Common Price

The NEXus Common Price is $865.00 per semester credit hour and $577.00* per quarter credit hour.
This rate began in the fall of 2019, and for the sicth year in a row, the NEXus Executive Committee voted to freeze tuition rates for the 2024-2025 academic year.

Note, the NEXus Common Price does not cover fees for late payments, late fees for missing application deadlines, or late fees for missing registration deadlines at the teaching institution.

*LLU and OHSU operate on the quarter system.