Students follow the steps below to apply, register, and enroll in a NEXus Course.

1. Identify NEXus Course: View courses on the NEXus Course Catalog.
2. Communicate with HOME Faculty Advisor: Course selections should be approved by the student’s advisor. Discuss course selections with your faculty advisor to ensure the course/s you prefer best suits your academic needs. Verify how the academic credit/grade for the course will translate with your academic advisor.
3. Contact HOME Institution: Work directly with the Campus Staff Coordinator (CSC) at the students’ HOME institution to enroll in a NEXus course.
4. NEXus Tracking Form: Complete and submit a signed NEXus Tracking Form per directions to the HOME Campus Staff Coordinator.
5. Consortium Agreement Form: If receiving financial aid, NEXus course/s may qualify towards those funds. If the NEXus course/s qualify, the student may submit a HOME Institution Consortium Agreement Form to the Home Campus Staff Coordinator.
6. Registration Deadlines: Students must apply/register according to the deadlines dates established by each individual Teaching Institution. The dates vary by institution. Visit Deadline Dates to verify dates.
7. Campus Specific Instructions: Select from the list of Teaching Institutions for specific instructions on how to apply, register, enroll, and complete a NEXus course.

All NEXus students must adhere to the teaching institution’s policies and procedures.