Student FAQs

Below is a list of frequently asked questions by students. Click on the question for their corresponding answers.

After I submit NEXus paperwork to the Home Campus Staff Coordinator, how do I know I am actually enrolled in the course?

The Teaching Insitution will contact you via email that you have been admitted and your registration is complete. Depending on the institution, you may be required to enroll for the course via your online student account with the Teaching Institution.

How do I get a Teaching Institution account?

The Teaching Institution will activate and notify you that a personalized campus account is ready. All course related communication, billing etc. will be sent to your Teaching Institution campus account.

How do I pay for a course?

Once you are admitted, registered, and your Teaching Institution account is activated, a bill is automatically generated and sent to your Teaching Institution account. Most institutions accept online payment.

Are there any required trainings prior to the start of a course?

Some institutions require specific trainings prior to the start of a class. Visit the How to Enroll for individual teaching institution instructions to confirm if there are required trainings.

What online platforms are used for courses?

Review the Course details from the online catalog and look under Course Tags

What happens if I drop a course?

A NEXus student requesting to drop a course is subject to the Teaching Institution’s policies and procedures and must notify the Campus Staff Coordinator at both the Home and Teaching Institution. Teaching Institution deadlines apply to all applicable refunds.

How do course credits transfer from semesters to quarters and vice versa so that they will be applied appropriately to my Home Institution's transcripts?

It is recommended that students should check with their Home Registrar’s Office and/or Graduate School to inquire how credits will be converted on their transcript. The Home Campus Staff Coordinator can assist you with whom to talk to on your campus. Most often institutions on the quarter system, a 3 credit quarter course = 2 semester credits. At institutions on the semester system, a 3 credit semester course = 4.5 quarter credits. (For each semester credit taken, multiply x 1.5 to obtain the number of quarter credits.)

If I am enrolling in a degree applicable class through NEXus at another member institution, can that course be included when determining my financial aid at my Home Institution?

If you are applying for financial aid, you need to complete and submit a consortium agreement form. A consortium agreement allows the Home Institution to include a degree applicable course at a member institution with the home institution’s courses in determining and disbursing financial aid. The Home Campus Staff Coordinator has this form. The Home Institution’s Financial Aid Office will have additional instructions/paperwork that you would need to complete each term that a class is approved to have it included when determining your financial aid.

How will credits be applied at my Home Institution for classes taken through the NEXus program?

Students should check with their Home Registrar’s Office and/or Graduate School to inquire how credits will be applied to their transcript. Students will need to follow the Transcript Request Procedures at the Teaching Institution.

What about prerequisites?

Prerequisites will be listed in the details of the course description on the NEXus Course Catalog. If you are unsure about any courses, contact your Faculty Advisor at your home institution and they can appropriately advise you about it.

How will approval to take a course be assessed?

Campus Faculty Coordinators, Faculty Advisors and Campus Staff Coordinators will work together along with the student to determine if the student is qualified for the course or if the course is the appropriate level for the student.

What is a cluster?

Clusters are determined based on the academic strengths of NEXus Academic Collaborators and consist of a series of classes, all revolving around one topic/category area.

How do I get information about the course?

Visit the NEXus Course Catalog for information on courses, course details, and course seat availability!

Does each institution have the same enrollment and registration dates?

Dates for course registration and enrollment vary from institution to institution. It is important to confirm deadlines and enroll prior to deadline dates to ensure you can secure a seat in the course. Review the latest Deadline Dates. Seats are limited for NEXus students so enrolling early is to your benefit. Contact your Campus Staff Coordinator to get started.

How do I find out what the start and end dates of courses are?

To find term start and end dates, please refer to the Deadline Dates page.

What do I need to do if I have to drop a course?

You are responsible to adhere to the Teaching Institution’s policies and procedures related to dropping a course. The amount of refund is based on the Teaching Institution’s drop dates. Verify these dates when enrolling at the Teaching Institution. It is also your responsibility to notify your Home Campus Staff Coordinator and your faculty advisor of the change, in addition to any other department which may be affected by your decrease in course enrollments such as the Financial Aid office. If you have any questions check with your Campus Staff Coordinator.

Who do I contact for assistance?

Please see the Contacts page for the Staff Coordinators at your Home Institution and Teaching Institution.