The Course Xchange: Academic Collaborator Member Institutions offer over 250 online courses annually through the Xchange. Member institutions may participate in the PhD Program, the DNP Program, or both. The list of member institutions and the program/s which they participate in is below. Doctoral students in nursing from member institutions are able to take online courses offered by any other member institution through the Xchange. Courses are placed into clusters based on the academic strengths of the member institutions and revolve around topic areas. A complete list of course offerings can be found at the NEXus Course Catalog.

Students work with their Home Campus Staff Coordinators.

Guidelines for the Xchange:

  • Students confer with advisors to determine if courses are appropriate before initiating the enrollment process.
  • Courses indicate which type of students may enroll – Phd Student Only, DNP Students Only, or both PhD and DNP Students. The NEXus Course Catalog includes detailed course descriptions that identify which courses are open to DNP Only, PhD Only or both DNP and PhD students.
  • PhD students will have first priority to enroll in PhD courses offered through NEXus.
  • DNP students will have first priority to enroll in DNP courses offered through NEXus.
  • For instructions on how to enroll in a NEXus course here.