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Welcome to NEXus, a unique collaboration of select Doctoral Nursing Programs throughout the United States. NEXus offers Colleges and Schools of Nursing the opportunity to join a cutting edge project addressing the course needs of many doctoral students seeking elective and core course instruction. The ability to obtain this education online, through a course exchange, allows nurses throughout the country to stay in their home town and continue practice in the clinical and/or classroom setting while getting the courses they need to obtain their ultimate goal.

Institutions may join either as an Academic Collaborator or an Academic Affiliate Member Institution.

Academic Collaborator: An Academic Collaborator is defined as a School/College of Nursing that participates in the NEXus project as both a teaching institution (offering courses on the Xchange) and a home institution (enrolling students in courses through the Xchange).

Academic Affiliate: An Academic Affiliate is defined as a School/College of Nursing that participates in the NEXus project solely as a home institution and does not offer shared courses through NEXus.

Steps to Join NEXus – Please review the following and contact NEXus for more information or assistance. Applicants are encouraged to discuss their application materials and the process with the Project Director who may be reached at

The application process consists of:

1. The completed Application (online form)
2. Submission of Letter of Interest (note what is required to be identified in the letter)
3. Review and completion of the New Membership Application Checklist and its items (for your own records)
4. Completed signed Memorandum of Agreement by your university.

Completed applications expect that the university has reviewed the following NEXus documents and items (available at

1) Guiding Principles
2) Bylaws
3) Policies and Procedures
4) NEXus tuition rates and annual membership fees

Once all required materials are received and have been reviewed, the Executive Committee will determine if a membership invitation will be extended. Questions? Contact

Questions?  Contact The NEXus office at: