“Having NEXUS students in our classes has been engaging and energizing for both faculty and students. We have formed new and fruitful research partnerships from relationships that began with a class.”
Mary Ann Meeker, Department Chair
Family, Community, & Health Systems Sciences
Assistant Dean, PhD Program; Associate Professor
University of Buffalo

“Over the years we have had PhD and DNP students take courses at the premier partner universities that have facilitated and augmented their understanding of topics of interest.”
Susan Bakewell Sachs, Dean
Oregon Health & Science University

“I would summarize the NEXus process as being all about options and choices driven by you. What attracted me to the NEXus process was the ability to customize my program’s elective classes in a more specific and meaningful way, with topics of my interest. My NEXus experience was amazing and I would do it again; this, despite the higher per credit cost when compared with my local university.”
David M. Silva, Doctoral Student
Oregon Health & Science University