Contact TEACHING Institution:

Campus Staff Coordinator (CSC): Nancy Esposito
Phone: 702-895-3812

Apply to TEACHING Institution:

  • Student should complete the NEXus Tracking Form and email it to the UNLV CSC.
  • Student must complete a graduate non-degree seeking application. The online application can be found on Grad Rebel Gateway ( At the time of submission, the student should select the “Pay by Check” option to avoid an application fee.
  • Once submitted, the student should forward the confirmation email requesting payment of the application fee to the UNLV CSC.
  • Notes: Transcripts are NOT required for NEXus students. If you attended UNLV as a non-degree seeking student the previous term, you DO NOT need to reapply.

Student Account: Student will be emailed information for creating a UNLV ACE account ( These credentials are required to access MyUNLV and WebCampus/Canvas.

Student Notification: The student will be notified by UNLV and the CSC in regard to the processing of their application and course enrollment. The student is expected to check their personal and UNLV email accounts regularly for important communications.

Course Enrollment: The UNLV CSC will email the student when permission to register for the course has been granted. The student must self-enroll for the course via  MyUNLV (

Platform: Once enrolled, the student will be able to access the course via WebCampus ( by the first week of the semester or one week prior.

Payment: After registering for the course, students are billed through their UNLV student account on MyUNLV. The student will pay the NEXus Common Price per semester credit online via  MyUNLV. It is the student’s responsibility to remain informed of tuition payment deadlines for the respective semester as late fees may apply for missed payments. Payment deadlines can be found on the UNLV Academic Calendar (

Teaching Faculty Contact: Most instructors will contact students the first week of the semester or the week prior through WebCampus and/or the student’s UNLV email address. Should a student need to communicate with an instructor prior to the start of the course, faculty contact information can be found on the UNLV Faculty and Staff Directory (

Course materials/ Library access: A course syllabus will be available on WebCampus noting the required course materials, including textbooks. A list of textbooks can often be found and purchased through the UNLV bookstore (

Course: Student completes the course.

Add/Drop: The student must notify the course instructor and UNLV CSC  to make any changes to enrollment.

Transcript: Student should submit a UNLV NEXus Transcript Request Form to the UNLV CSC. To avoid fees, DO NOT request an electronic copy of your transcript.

1) Registration Holds: UNLV may place various registration holds on a student’s account, including but not limited to new student orientation, immunizations, etc. If the hold does not seem applicable or appropriate, the student is encouraged to notify the UNLV CSC right away.

2) Student Resources:  Student is encouraged to review the nursing graduate student resources available at

Glossary of terms

CSC – Campus Staff Coordinator

CFC – Campus Faculty Coordinator

HOME – Institution student will obtain degree from

TEACHING – Institution student is taking course from