Contact TEACHING Institution:

Campus Staff Coordinator (CSC): Elizabeth Gardner
Phone: 702-895-3360

Apply to TEACHING Institution:
• Student must complete a non-degree seeking application online at; click the “Pay by Check” box when submitting.
• Once submitted, student must forward the confirmation email requesting payment to the UNLV CSC.
• Student does NOT need to submit transcripts.
• If you attended UNLV as a non-degree seeking student the previous term, you do not need to reapply.
• UNLV CSC needs NEXus Tracking Form first to track process through Grad College.

Student Account: Student will receive a password for WebCampus / Blackboard Learn.

Student Notification: Once registered, the student should go to to review all current graduate student resources.

Course Enrollment: The CSC will email the student when he/she has permission to register for the course. The student must register for the course on MyUNLV.

Platform: The course will be available via WebCampus/Blackboard.

Payment: After registering for the course the student will pay the NEXus Common Price per semester credit online through MyUNLV.

Teaching Faculty Contact: The instructor posts everything related to the course in WebCampus. The instructor will communicate through WebCampus and/or the student’s UNLV email address.

Course materials/ Library access: WebCampus/Bookstore

Course: Student completes course.

Add/Drop: The student must notify the Instructor and UNLV CSC .

Transcript: Student/s submits a UNLV NEXus Transcript Request Form to the UNLV CSC. To avoid fees, DO NOT request a transcript online.

Other: The graduate school does not need transcripts. The UNLV CSC will send a memo that states the student is enrolled in a PhD Program. If a student enrolls in two courses within an academic year, the student only needs to submit a new consortium agreement if on financial aid. If a student enrolls in two different academic calendar years, the student only needs to submit a new consortium agreement if on financial aid.

Glossary of terms

CSC – Campus Staff Coordinator

CFC – Campus Faculty Coordinator

HOME – Institution student will obtain degree from

TEACHING – Institution student is taking course from