Check out what Siri has to say about her NEXus experience

February 15, 2018 in News, Students

Check out what Siri has to say about her NEXus experience

My name is Siri GuruNam Kaur Khalsa and I am a PhD student at the University of New Mexico. I have always browsed the NEXus catalog for possible courses to take. Being a lifelong learner, I love the possibility of taking courses. I recently had the opportunity to enroll in a NEXus course, Interpretative Phenomenology offered from the University at Buffalo by Dr. Suzanne Dickerson. This learning experience helped me hone my skill set with interpretative phenomenology, important for my research study; allowed me access to help with an ongoing research project which is helping me develop thematic analysis abilities; and allowed me the opportunity to find my external dissertation committee member, Dr. Dickerson. Learning with students living in other areas of the country and from other walks of life added richness to my academic experience. Enrollment was easy with help from each institution’s Campus Staff Coordinator. The IT support was excellent; an important nuance as a student living in a very rural setting. I encourage you all to consider taking a NEXus course/s offered at one of the many NEXus institutions. It is a wonderful way to take a course on a topic that is not offered at your home institution. View Siri’s story here.

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