Contact TEACHING Institution: Incoming students contact Campus Staff Coordinator (CSC) at University of Texas at Tyler.

Theresa Moore at or 903-565-5929

Apply to TEACHING Institution: Complete the online registration form. A link to the form and instructions for applying can be found at:

Student Account: After the online application is processed (usually 48 – 72 hours), students receive an email from Graduate Admissions with an ID number and login information.

Student Notification: Students are notified of their acceptance via email within 1 – 3 business days of the decision.

After acceptance notification, students should activate their Patriot account by going to the UT Tyler home page and clicking on Patriot Email. Then select “My Patriot Account” in the left menu and follow the activation instructions. All subsequent communication is sent to the UT Tyler patriot email account.

Course Enrollment: Course enrollment(s) are processed by the CSC.

Platform For Students: As you are taking an online course, familiarize yourself with our e-platform, Canvas. If you have questions or concerns regarding the use of Canvas, seek support at:

To access the “online course” website, please click on the link and follow the login instructions.

Payment: Student is billed by the Registrar’s office once registered for a course.

Teaching Faculty Contact: The student logs on to Canvas the first day of class. The CSC notifies the instructor(s) once a student is enrolled and the instructor may/may not contact the student directly prior to classes beginning.

Course materials/ Library access: A list of required books for each term is posted on the PhD homepage under ‘Current Student links’: Alternatively, students may access textbook requirements through the UT Tyler Bookstore: Click on the ‘textbook’ link at the top of the page and enter the course information to obtain a list of required materials. You may purchase the book wherever you please.

Course: Student completes course.

Add/Drop: Student should contact their home institution so that the seat can be returned to the visiting institution. Student drops the course by logging into their Patriot account through myUTTyler. It will be at the discretion of the Financial Aid Office whether a full or partial refund will be issued.

Transcript: Email, via your patriots email account, & request for your official transcript to be sent.

There is no specific form to attach to a request from their UT Tyler student email, but the necessary data they must include is as follows:
• Name
• UT Tyler ID number
• Desired mail-to address, including any specific attention/care of information
• A note to please hold the request until grades have been posted which must include the specific term they are waiting for grades from so they can queue the request properly
• The number of transcripts requested to be sent
• A current contact phone number in case they need to reach you quicker than email typically accounts for

This step can be requested any time after the semester has started. Please contact the TEACHING institution Campus Staff Coordinator for questions.

Other: Each term a student enrolls in a course or multiple courses, the student must submit a registration form.

Glossary of terms

CSC – Campus Staff Coordinator

CFC – Campus Faculty Coordinator

HOME – Institution student will obtain degree from

TEACHING – Institution student is taking course from