Western Institute of Nursing’s Board of Governors announces Bo Perry as the next executive director.

Portland, OR, January 14, 2019 – Western Institute of Nursing’s (WIN) President, Donna Velasquez, and the Board of Governors are pleased to announce that Bo Perry has been designated as the next executive director, effective March 9, 2019. Starting January 1, 2019, he has been named assistant director of WIN, retaining all current accountabilities as the WIN conference manager and learning the executive director role. Paula McNeil (pictured in green at her retirement party with friends and family) remains in the position of executive director with all accountabilities of her role until her retirement date on March 8, 2019. The executive director is also the project director of NEXus.

NEXus was started in 2004 under Paula’s guidance as the project director, registered its first class in 2006, and has grown to enroll more than 850 students from 17 universities, with course offerings exceeding 300. We are so very thankful to Paula for her many years of service. At the same time, we are excited to welcome Bo in his new role and look forward to continuing to expand NEXus in future years through his work and the continued work of the NEXus Executive Committee.

About NEXus
NEXus is a consortium of institutions that offer online doctoral programs in Nursing that provide opportunities for and encourage students to take courses from other member institutions to further enrich their educational experiences. NEXus had three main goals; 1) through sharing, reduce the costs of creating online courses; 2) increase the choice of courses available to nursing PhD students; and 3) overcome the administrative barriers to students enrolling in shared courses.

NEXus member institutions include: Arizona State University; Loma Linda University; Oregon Health and Science University*; The Ohio State University; The University of Iowa; The University of Oklahoma; The University of Texas at Tyler; University at Buffalo; University of Colorado Denver*; University of Hawaii at Manoa; University of Kansas; University of Nevada Las Vegas; University of New Mexico; University of Northern Colorado*; University of Utah*; Virginia Commonwealth University; and Washington State University.

For more information see www.winNEXus.org.

* Founding member of the NEXus Collaborative

Contact Information:
NEXus – The Nursing Education Xchange
Western Institute of Nursing
Anne Boerner, NEXus Administrative Coordinator
nexus@ohsu.edu   503-494-7671