Contact TEACHING Institution: Incoming students contact Campus Staff Coordinator (CSC) at the University of Colorado:

Campus Staff Coordinator (CSC): Judy Campbell
Phone: 303-724-8503

Apply to TEACHING Institution: Apply as a nondegree student through CU Nursing Extended Studies by submitting the following CU NEXus Application Form (select NEXus Student on the form) online. Student will receive acknowledgement e-mail within 2 – 3 business days.

Student Account: Student is issued a CU account, and is e-mailed the account ID and instructions on how to access it in a confirmation letter.

Student Notification: The CSC will e-mail registration confirmation and steps for setting up campus account. Students must check CU e-mail every week while enrolled.

Course Enrollment: Within the confirmation letter the student will receive detailed instructions on how to self-register for the course.

Platform: Student should get familiar with our learning management system, Canvas. All CU intensives are optional for NEXus students. Please contact cu-online with any questions or concerns regarding the use of Canvas by phone at 303-315-3700 or via email at Instructions on accessing Canvas are included with registration materials.

Payment: Student is to access their bill in their CU student portal. An e-mail from the Bursars office shall be sent to the student’s CU campus email address when the bill is available online.
If needed, a CU NEXus Financial Aid Consortium Agreement may be downloaded to complete.

Teaching Faculty Contact: The student logs on to Canvas the first day of class. The CSC will notify the instructor(s) once a student is enrolled and the instructor may/may not contact the student directly prior to classes beginning.

Course materials/ Library access: Students may purchase books wherever they please, and are given info within their confirmation letters, or they can go to the Bookstore for a book list.

Course: Student completes course.

Add/Drop: Students must drop/add themselves within their CU student portal (same place they registered originally) within the designated drop/add period for said term. The dates are emailed to them as part of their confirmation letter, and are posted as part of the registration deadlines (see above).

Students must also notify BOTH the TEACHING and HOME Campus Staff Coordinators.

Transcript: A free standard transcripts will be sent to the home institution when the transcript request form is submitted directly to the Campus Staff Coordinator prior to the end of the current term enrolled. A rush transcript request or transcript sent to address other than the institution will includes fees. Contact the Campus Staff Coordinator for the Transcript Request Form. The form must be submitted prior to the end of the current term enrolled to ensure there are no fees.

Other: HIPAA/OSHA: Nondegree seeking students enrolled in clinical courses are required to complete our HIPAA Training course once. OSHA Training is required each year of being enrolled in a clinical course. Access course at Student’s Student Identification number (SID), without dashes, is the user ID and password. Nondegree seeking students in all other courses are NOT required to complete HIPAA/OSHA Training.

Each term a student enrolls in a course or multiple courses, the student must submit an enrollment request form.

Glossary of terms

CSC – Campus Staff Coordinator

CFC – Campus Faculty Coordinator

HOME – Institution student will obtain degree from

TEACHING – Institution student is taking course from