Contact TEACHING Institution:  Incoming students contact Campus Staff Coordinator (CSC):

Campus Staff Coordinator (CSC): Vicky Krallman
Office Phone: 614-247-9540

Campus Faculty coordinator (CFC): Tara Spalla King, PhD, RN
Office Phone: 614-292-4889

Apply to TEACHING Institution: No OSU application form is needed.  The NEXus Tracking Form is sufficient.

Student Account: When the CSC receives the NEXus Student Tracking form, a student account will be created. At that time, the OSU registrar will forward information regarding how to access your student account.

Student Notification: OSU registrar will contact student.

Course Enrollment: NEXus students will be automatically enrolled in their desired course at OSU.

Platform: The OSU Registrar will send the student instructions on obtaining access to Carmen (teaching/learning platform).

Payment: Once the student is enrolled in the course, a bill is generated and sent to the student’s account.  Students are encouraged to pay online.

Teaching Faculty Contact: The CSC will notify the instructor(s) once a student is enrolled and the instructor may/may not contact the student directly prior to classes beginning.

Course materials/ Library access: Textbook can be ordered through the OSU Bookstore.  Instructors may send out readings prior to the start of classes via email, but all other course materials will be posted in Carmen; please note students will be able to see the course in Blackboard prior to the first day of the term but it will vary whether there is material in the course prior to the first  day.

Course: Student completes course.

Add/Drop: The student must notify the OSU CSC before planning to drop a course. Add/drop deadlines can be found on the OSU academic calendar.

Transcript: Visit the Registar’s website to submit a transcript order.

Other:  None.

Glossary of terms

CSC – Campus Staff Coordinator

CFC – Campus Faculty Coordinator

HOME – Institution student will obtain degree from

TEACHING – Institution student is taking course from