UNM offers Symptom Management Science

Do you have an interest in research on symptom management to improve quality of life? 

Please consider N 605, Symptom Management Science, offered by the University of New Mexico, taught by Dr. Sharon Ruyak, PhD, CNM, RN. This course will focus on theoretical, methodological, and practical issues surrounding the study of biological and behavioral symptoms in healthcare. Students will develop a symptoms science proposal using a theoretical framework or model explored in the course and applied to their area of interest.

Instructor: Sharon Ruyak, PhD, CNM, RN

Dr. Ruyak is an experienced biobehavioral nurse researcher. She is a seasoned educator who developed this class for graduate students interested in ways to develop and apply new knowledge in biology and behavior to improve understanding of, and better management of, adverse symptoms with the goal to improve quality of life.

For more information on N605, please contact

Dr. Sharon Ruyak slruyak@salud.unm.edu


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