Future Members

Dear Prospective Member:

Welcome to NEXus, a unique collaboration of select Doctoral Nursing Programs throughout the United States. NEXus offers Colleges and Schools of Nursing the opportunity to join a cutting edge project addressing the course needs of many doctoral students seeking elective and core course instruction. The ability to obtain this education online, through a course exchange, allows nurses throughout the country to stay in their home town and continue practice in the clinical and/or classroom setting while getting the courses they need to obtain their ultimate goal.

Two levels of membership are available, Academic Collaborator and Academic Affiliate

Academic Collaborator:  An Academic Collaborator is defined as a School/College of Nursing that participates in the NEXus project as both a teaching institution and a home institution.

Academic Affiliate:  An Academic Affiliate is defined as a School/College of Nursing that participates in the NEXus project solely as a home institution and does not offer shared courses through NEXus.

What are the benefits of NEXus?

For the Student

  • Access to over 150 doctoral level courses taught throughout the academic year.

  • Students take courses from experts in the field without leaving home institution.

  • Courses may assist students who are off-track to stay on track for graduation.

  • Opportunities to learn a variety of online platforms.

  • Students can develop professional relationships beyond cohorts.

  • Procedures are in place to facilitate student friendly registration and enrollment in quality NEXus courses.

  • NEXus courses are exempt from transfer credit policies.


For the Institution

  • Cost effective.

  • Access to over 150 online doctoral nursing courses offered by experts in the field.

  • Expanded course offerings without associated cost to staff and create courses.

  • Student retention and expanded learning opportunities.

  • Student access to experts in their respective areas of specialty.


Have Questions?

To join this successful and progressive project or obtain additional information, contact Project Director Paula McNeil at: 503-494-7671 or nexus@ohsu.edu.