What is NEXus?

NEXus - The Nursing Education Xchange
NEXus began as a partnership among select Western universities offering doctoral programs in Nursing (PhD and DNP) to provide opportunities for students at one academic collaborating institution to take a course or a series of related courses in a cluster, from another academic collaborating institution. NEXus was formerly funded by FIPSE and HRSA and is administered by the Western Institute of Nursing, a regional nursing organization.


The NEXus Course Exchange 
Through NEXus, participating institutions have identified courses that are available at a distance and open for enrollment by participating PhD or DNP students. Each institution identifies the courses and seats available, often filling unfilled seats. Courses have been clustered by interest and topic area to assist students and their advisors in selecting the best courses that can serve as an elective in the student’s degree program or possibly substitute for a required course for an off-time student. Many courses are open to both participating PhD and DNP students, further enriching the doctoral education experience.


NEXus Goal
The overall goal of NEXus is to address the nursing shortage by educating well-prepared nurse educators through application of distance accessible delivery methods, enabling rural nurses to remain in their home communities and be employed in rural nursing education programs.